17 Jun

Why puppets?

Just a couple of weirdos

First off let me thank everyone. The direct shop is motoring along, the live streams always get a healthy number of viewers, and generally all is well in The Puppet Mines.

The other day on … Read the rest

23 Apr

We Need to Talk About Etsy


In 2019, I cautiously entered the world of puppet building for sale to collectors, hobbyists and professional puppeteers. The most logical choice of platform at the time was Etsy, a marketplace geared specifically towards hand made crafts and small-scale home … Read the rest

8 Mar

Blog: Puppetry and Diversity


I had an interaction with a new client recently that was somewhat eye opening. They contacted me asking for a build with some specific colours, and sent along a picture of the Trans flag as an example but didn’t actually … Read the rest

12 Feb

Adam K, Streaming and Ko-fi


Well 2022 is off to a heck of a start for the puppet building world. First the bad:

Popular puppet builder and YouTube personality Adam Kreutinger has launched NFTs. I’m not going to get drawn into a debate about NFTs … Read the rest

22 Dec

2021 Year End Wrap-up

Me and my boss

Well, that was a year, wasn’t it? As the pandemic drags on and with the rising threat of Omicron, being here at all and still semi-functional is itself something to be proud of. We’re all going through a … Read the rest

24 Sep

The Importance of Being Kermit


**please note, I do not sell replicas of copyrighted characters. This build is for my own private collection**

Ah yes. The frog.

Is there any more iconic puppet? Anyone who loves The Muppets, who grew up with the work … Read the rest

8 Sep

Live From The Puppet Mines?


So, live streams. 

Just shy of a year ago I started doing some puppet building live streams on Twitch pretty regularly. While I’ve streamed various things before, this was definitely the most viewership I ever had, sometimes with ten viewers … Read the rest

5 Sep

Welcome to The Puppet Mines


Hi, I’m Kevin. Welcome to the puppet mines.

It’s been a very weird couple of years, huh? All the more for me because after starting a little Etsy shop in late 2019, it’s now successful enough that building puppets is … Read the rest

25 Jan

Dev Blog 34 — T-minus 7 Days


After an intense bit of shooting and editing, I’m pleased to announce that The Oracle will be released on Feb 1st. It will launch with 3 episodes and then a new one will be added every 2 weeks(ish). Current plan … Read the rest

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