Bye For Now, Twitter

1 Nov

As someone running a (very) small business, it’s often in my best interests to engage in social media platforms I don’t necessarily enjoy as an individual. Twitter was one of the few exceptions. Despite its many failings, it was the last social networking site I actually kind of enjoyed, particularly after they introduced tools to help you weed out hate speech and Reply Guys. For years it’s been my main source of news and connection to the wider world, and I’ve met folks there who’s input I’ve greatly admired and cultivated.

That has, of course, all changed since Musk took over. I won’t go into the morass of reasons that the absurd Musk acquisition is a bad thing – many others have done that in more eloquent ways than me – but this marks the point at which I cannot in all good conscience remain. I’m deactivating my account, in the hopes that once Musk has finished feeding his ego and has burnt the place to the ground, perhaps the pieces can be picked up by someone less horrible.

Please do follow me on whatever other platform suits you, and by all means drop me links to your own profiles so I can keep in touch.

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