Morning Coffee Blog: Stream Day

4 Jan
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It occurs to me that doing one of these every day means the “all posts” body of the website is going to fill up with pictures of the Morning Coffee logo pretty quick. Must think of something to handle that. But as I’ve not yet had the titular coffee, that’ll wait.

One of the ways I’m trying to get O:P in front of more folks this year (as talked about on yesterday’s blog) is by being more consistent with output, particularly live streams. To that end I’ve decided that every Wednesday I’ll be streaming from my studio, and it’s the first Wednesday of the year. Of course I slept poorly, ‘cuz I always do before a stream. So it should be fun. (Wednesdays at 11am ET on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook).

I used to do specific Q&A build streams that happened outside the scope of my daily work but that proved to be a bit of a job in itself and started to eat into the time I had for doing shop builds, and as ever, building for the shop must take top priority. These build streams are a way to bridge those things. Folks can drop by and I’m happy to chat and answer questions, but what I’m actually doing is just whatever I happen to be working on at the time. Sometimes it means it’ll be two hours of watching me sit and hand sew, but hey, roll the dice.

They tend to go very well and I think everyone has a good time. By some miracle the pretty complex camera/switching setup in the studio still seems to be working after many weeks idle, so on with the show.

After coffee.

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