Morning Coffee Blog: RE20

5 Jan
Morning Coffee logo with Stevie Wonder using an RE20 microphone
Stevie Wonder with an RE20 in 1973

I fully confess to having a bit of gear lust when it comes to my media setups. Considering my small audience I’ve spent way more on gear than a lot of other creators at my level. I’m a tinkerer. I have way more fun setting up a streaming studio than actually streaming in it.

This year, however, I need to play it careful. Not a lot of disposable income around, and I have more than enough gear to do everything I want.


Audiophiles will know about the Electro Voice RE20. It’s a legendary microphone, little changed since it’s introduction in 1968. It’s warm sound and dynamic range make it a very popular professional mic. And I want one. They are, of course, not cheap. My current broadcast mic is a Rode Procaster, which is very good and basically their budget version of an RE20. But as nice as it is, it’s no RE20. RE20 has achieved mythical status. It was used on such classic recordings as Sweet Home Alabama, I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, and likely recorded the iconic Stevie Wonder vocals for the studio version of Superstition.

For my purposes it’s overkill, and an extravagance. In the final mix it’s doubtful the audience will hear much of a difference between my current mic and an RE20, although you never can tell. It’s the little things that often go unnoticed consciously that give something a feeling of quality.

So here’s the deal. If the podcast gets some steam and hits 100 downloads between the time Episode 1 and 2 come out, I’m going to treat myself to an RE20. Recording is this Saturday and it’ll be out by Monday morning.

You know what to do.

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