Morning Coffee Blog: Podcast Day

7 Jan
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Big day here in the Puppet Cave. This evening we record Episode 1 of the O:P podcast, Pixels and Puppets (Ep 0 is already out if you’d like the origin story). This will be the first time in years since I last did a full on podcast. Heck I haven’t been in the same room as one of my co-hosts since 2019!

As with everything we do, we’re aiming to make the show as high quality as we can. We have pretty decent equipment and at least a passing familiarity with audio editing, so at the very least it won’t sound like someone yelling at their laptop from across a room.

Of course quality always costs something, and in this case it’s labour. I’ve already downed three cups of coffee and will likely need more before this day’s work is done. This has been in the planning stages since late last year but as with any entertainment media production, there are always last minute things. I just recorded the introduction for one of the segments, for example.

The goal of the podcast, like with most things O:P, is to provide fun, comfort listening. We won’t shy away from difficult subjects but we’re going to try and deal with them in a nuanced, constructive way.

As ever, O:P relies on word-of-mouth to get to people so we appreciate any boosts/shares/shouting at strangers you can give us.

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