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9 Jan

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That was quite a whirlwind weekend. The recording of Episode 1 of Pixels and Puppets went well with only minor hiccups, which is pretty remarkable since it’s been so long since any of us has done that. A real “getting the band back together” moment.

The guys have wanted to get back into it for a while, it was actually me that was the holdout. We all really enjoy podcasting but it got to the point that the listenership wasn’t enough to justify the labour time. Added on top of that is the unknown quantity of mixing such a broad range of topics and it’s a big dice roll if this will work at all. I’m banking on a few things to make the show an engaging thing that can build a small but dedicated listener base:

First off is the fact that human beings are complex things. A diverse topic range can be an advantage if presented well, in an open, friendly manner. From my own experience, I enjoy listening to speakers talk about subjects I’m not necessarily into, if they do it in a way that brings me in. It’s like the build streams. Not everyone who watches is necessarily going to go out and build puppets, but they enjoy the process and people. I think of how village forges became defacto social hubs in the Middle Ages. Not everyone was a blacksmith, but nevertheless people were drawn there.

Second it comes down to something we all need in these awful years: comfort. Friendliness. Kindness. As the pandemic drags on and entropy carries us forward, I know myself my podcast listening not only has increased, but has focused on funny, warm and silly shows that allow my brain a break from the encroaching horrors of this decade. It’s not a matter of hiding from the real world, it’s a matter of recharging the batteries so you can face the challenges of living in “Interesting Times”. The firehose of awfulness that we have been trained to consume on social media has a profound effect on our psychology, and one of the things I try to provide in Operation: Puppet is a reminder that the whole world isn’t terrible. There are nice, kind, compassionate people out there. Laughter and joy is closer than you think. Hopefully you’ll find some here. It’s a well you can come to for refreshment. It’s a green patch in the desert. It’s the village pub.

And now Monday is calling so I’d better drink this coffee cuz there’s puppets to be made!

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