Morning Coffee Blog: Belgium

13 Jan

Pretty nice coffee mug, huh? If you listen to the upcoming Episode 2 of Pixels and Puppets you may even get a chance to win one!

Speaking of the podcast…

Belgium. We need to talk. *Turns chair around backwards, rests arms on back.*

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it is revealed that by a staggering coincidence, in the rest of the galaxy not on Earth the word ‘belgium’ is the most vile, despicable and scandalous swear word in all of existence. As much as I love Douglas Adams, I cannot help but feel this was personal. Perhaps he had a bad experience there and wanted to immortalize it? At any rate, I don’t believe this slight.


Our modest little podcast gets stats, and among those stats are breakdowns by country. We’ve been downloaded in a pretty healthy cross-section of the English speaking world and even slightly further afield. We’re teeny tiny as yet, but mighty oaks from acorns, etc. But there’s an anomaly.

You see, for the most part we only get stats for countries where the podcast has actually been downloaded. If it hasn’t, the country just doesn’t appear on the list. Except one:

A chart showing downloads by country and Belgium has zero.

Belgium, what’s going on here? Have you dropped by to just remind me that you will not listen to the podcast? Are you ethically opposed to mixing pixels and/or puppets? It’s a mystery, and will not stand. I, for one, will not tolerate this slander of the good people of Belgium. We live online. We reach all kinds of people. Surely someone, somewhere, can reach out to Belgium and convince one person there to download our silly little podcast?

Come on Belgium. We believe in you. For the puppets.

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