Morning Coffee Blog: Friday Grab Bag

17 Mar

Time to descend into the crystal waters of Friday and delight at the random fish that playfully dart about the reef of the almost-weekend.

Note from Frankie: workshop that metaphor some more, kid.

– Despite what I can only assume is the time change still messing with my head, or possibly alien signals beaming into my brain from the Zebulon galaxy, we will have a build stream today (11am ET on Twitch and YouTube). Still not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, could just be an informal chat as the build schedule for the week is done.

– We have now passed 400 downloads of Pixels and Puppets! Thank you all! The rate of adoption has definitely slowed, but it shows we have a good core audience, and that’s all I could ask for. I could probably do more to promote it, but I don’t want to get spammy, particularly now as Mastodon is my only real social media outlet. As always, word-of-mouth is our best vehicle for growth and anything y’all can do to help is greatly appreciated. At the time of this writing there is still one unclaimed key for the Neverwinter Nights giveaway! Speaking of which…

– The road map for the Neverwinter server test release is almost done, just a few more things and it will be ready for play. Hope to have it up for an announcement on the next podcast. This will be a tiny fraction of the eventual game, just to test the core systems, but I need play testers to come in and try to break things before really building it out. Hope you like grinding! I’ll also make a dedicated voice chat channel on the Discord (join the Discord) for it so folks can socialize and co-ordinate their dungeon dives. It’s way outside the “puppet” wheelhouse but as O:P grows into a true community it’s just nice to have stuff like this to do. Think of it as our own virtual clubhouse. That just happens to have a load of goblins and elves in it.

Time to get organized. Get on the exercise bike, breakfast, do the product photos for the last week’s builds, prep for the stream, and, naturally, coffee.

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