Morning Coffee Blog: Ogres

16 Jan

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Ah Monday, we meet again.

Every week I plan out the builds I’m going to do, and this can be a delicate process. One reason I focus on building for the shop instead of custom commissions is I can prototype designs with an eye to being able to make them relatively quickly. On average something like a Greeblee will take 2 days (well, 8 hour shifts in the shop), and a live hands monster will take 3 to 5. That’s pretty good, compared to doing a build from concept to completion which can often take weeks of prototyping and testing.

Last week I did 2 Smols and 4 Sonks, which is kind of a big ask. That was a lot of work for 5 days, but I’m trying to get the shops restocked so I need to hustle a bit now. This week I think I’ll slow the pace down a bit just to catch my breath, and that generally means more involved and time consuming builds. Going to start out with an Ogre.

I’ve built two ogres so far and they’re one of my favourite designs. Very flexible and lots of personality. The first one (pictured in today’s logo alongside my Kermit) sold within days of being posted. The second one sat on the shop for months before it was purchased; and that’s funny because it was among my favourite builds I’ve ever done. Just one of those strange things, you never know how people will react, and that’s why I don’t worry about it, and just build what I like and eventually the right person will come along.

Now coffee is calling and this ogre won’t build itself. Cheers to the ogres.

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