17 Nov

Fraggle Follow-Up


You won’t believe what happens next!

19 Dec

COPPA update, Snoof Giveaway, End of Season 1


Good news everyone! Quick update to the previous vlog!

16 Dec

Year End Vlog


2019 is almost done so it’s time for a review of the wonderful year we’ve had, plus info on the coming COPPA changes and where we go from here.

20 Sep

Birthday Vlog — The Fraggle Story


The day after this video releases is my birthday, so here’s a (hopefully) sweet personal story about my youthful exploits in puppetry. Bonus Greeblee at the end.

23 Aug

Kevin’s Vlog No. 6 — Voices


Shout-out to Puppet Dude for this week’s question. I dive into how I approach voice work and some of the specific inspirations behind the character’s voices.

26 Jul

Kevin’s Vlog 5 — Making Plans for Nigel


We only want what’s best for him…

Nigel was made by Prairie Puppets, check out their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prairiepuppets/

12 Jul

Kevin’s Vlog No. 4


Here’s a first look at some very early camera tests and raw footage. Proof that even The Oracle can make mistakes!

14 Jun

Kevin’s Vlog 3 — Culture and Philosophy


Back again with another vlog! This time I ramble on about some of the influences and comedy style of the show.

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