Video posts

The Oracle S02E10: A.I.

The Oracle S02E09

Goblin Mode

The Oracle S02E08 — Nigel’s… Back?

Remember Nigel? Frankie didn’t.

The Oracle S02E07 — Ironsworn

I’ve been making The Oracle for longer than I’ve … Read the rest

The Oracle S02E06 — Understudy

The … Read the rest

Fraggle Follow-Up

You won’t believe what happens next!

Jellyroll Sings…

A special request.

The Oracle S02E05 — Crypto

Quiet quitting is very fashionable.

The Oracle S02E04 — Discord

Did you know we have a Discord? That’s cuz … Read the rest

The Oracle S02E03 — Vtuber

Believe it or not, we’re … Read the rest

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