The Oracle

23 Sep

The Oracle S02E04 — Discord


Did you know we have a Discord? That’s cuz we didn’t! Until now! Join the Discord!

2 Sep

The Oracle S02E03 — Vtuber


Believe it or not, we’re back!

5 Sep

The Oracle Season 2 Ep 2 — Muffin


A magical storm interrupts the show. What’s the worst that could happen?

5 Sep

The Oracle Season 2 Ep 1 — Reboot?


Season 2 begins! Something feels different…

17 Jun

The Oracle Season 1.5 Ep 4 — 300


To say thank you for 300 subscribers, The Oracle has a confession…

26 May

The Oracle Season 1.5 Ep 3 — Masks


And now a public service announcement from The Oracle.

11 May

The Oracle S1.5 Ep 2 — Flowers


Thanks to Royalann for this week’s question!

28 Apr

Oracle S1.5 E01 — Oops!


He’s back! Or is he? Find out the completely planned exciting conclusion of The Oracle’s trip through the video game portal!

20 Dec

The Oracle Ep 24 — Return of the Goblin


It’s a wrap on Season 1 with the dramatic finale. Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the past year! We’re taking a short break but be sure to join the Twitch channel for Frankie Play and … Read the rest

6 Dec

The Oracle Ep 23 — Final Fantasy


Find out The Oracle’s favorite Final Fantasy game! Kinda!

25 Nov

The Oracle Ep 22 – EXPLAINED!


Everyone loves explainer videos!

8 Nov

The Oracle Ep 21 — Zoomer


Enjoy the most ambitious crossover event in history! Zoomer Bizzaro helps soothe some office troubles!

Very special thanks to Zoomer! Check out his kid’s YouTube channel here:

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