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17 Jun

The Oracle Season 1.5 Ep 4 — 300


To say thank you for 300 subscribers, The Oracle has a confession…

26 May

The Oracle Season 1.5 Ep 3 — Masks


And now a public service announcement from The Oracle.

11 May

The Oracle S1.5 Ep 2 — Flowers


Thanks to Royalann for this week’s question!

28 Apr

Oracle S1.5 E01 — Oops!


He’s back! Or is he? Find out the completely planned exciting conclusion of The Oracle’s trip through the video game portal!

23 Mar

The Social Distancing Blues


We like to think that a sense of humor can help us through tough times. With that in mind we present our very first music video, The Social Distancing Blues starring Jellyroll. Stay safe and healthy y’all. We’ll get through … Read the rest

27 Feb

Camera Puppetry 2: Mouth Movement


This time Kevin teaches the basics of lip sync and mouth/head movement. Thanks to everyone who joined us since this new series started! Remember to watch Adam Kreutinger’s Puppetry 101!

13 Feb

Camera Puppetry Lesson 1


We’re back! Kinda! Welcome to the first video of 2020! The Oracle Season 2 is still a ways off but in the meantime, enjoy this first of a new series of Kevin giving advice about puppeteering for the camera. These … Read the rest

20 Dec

The Oracle Ep 24 — Return of the Goblin


It’s a wrap on Season 1 with the dramatic finale. Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the past year! We’re taking a short break but be sure to join the Twitch channel for Frankie Play and have … Read the rest

19 Dec

COPPA update, Snoof Giveaway, End of Season 1


Good news everyone! Quick update to the previous vlog!

16 Dec

Year End Vlog


2019 is almost done so it’s time for a review of the wonderful year we’ve had, plus info on the coming COPPA changes and where we go from here.

6 Dec

The Oracle Ep 23 — Final Fantasy


Find out The Oracle’s favorite Final Fantasy game! Kinda!

25 Nov

The Oracle Ep 22 – EXPLAINED!


Everyone loves explainer videos!