3 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Neverwinter Chronicles 2


Almost at the stage in working in the NWN server for the O:P community that most of the mechanical infrastructure is built and I can start thinking about story and quest plot lines.

This will, of course, be the video … Read the rest

2 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: The Competition


I often say to people curious about the scope of this field, puppetry and puppet building is small but bigger than you think. When I started, I never dreamed there would be enough people out there to turn Operation: Puppet … Read the rest

1 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Wednesday Stream Grab-Bag


It’s Wednesday, which means we’re upon another build stream day! (11am ET on Twitch and YouTube).

Still not 100% sure what I’ll be building today. It’s a bit of a weird week, time-wise. I plan builds for the month … Read the rest

31 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Social(ist) Media


Yes, this again.

Slowly but surely, Mastodon is becoming my sole social media platform, and it feels good. I’m still active on Instagram because I must be (unfortunately Pixelfed isn’t quite there yet, but I’ll probably jump on board that … Read the rest

30 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Muppet Replicas


Happy Monday y’all! We recorded Episode 2 of Pixels and Puppets on Friday and hopefully it will make your work commute a little more bearable. Please do share around, word of mouth is our only real way of reaching people.… Read the rest

27 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: NWN Chronicles 1


It’s podcast recording day! So of course my brain went to a different subject. I’ve picked up and started tinkering with my Neverwinter Nights sever again.

Neverwinter Nights (hereafter short formed to NWN) is a venerable and somewhat legendary game … Read the rest

26 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Lines


Heavy sigh.

I’ve made no secret of my dislike of corporate, algorithmic social media. I’ve always been aware of its problems, but particularly after wrapping my head around Mastodon and seeing what an organic, non-exploitive platform is like, I’m finding … Read the rest

25 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Numbers Go Up


As I keep saying (probably too often), Operation: Puppet is so small that “success” in terms of follows/views/listens etc. is measured in ones, not hundreds. All the way back on Jan 5 (what is time?) I said that if our … Read the rest

24 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: IT’s Personal


Being a former web developer and seeing the horrific (and unnecessary) layoffs in the tech industry lately, I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am to have stumbled into puppet building as a viable career option. If you’re curious how I … Read the rest

23 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Patterns


Generally speaking I try to keep these blogs on an upbeat tone, but today we’re going to talk about a little something that, as the kids say, “really grinds my gears”. In the end I hope it will provide insight.… Read the rest

20 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Prepcast


One of our ideas for Pixels and Puppets is we’re taking a more contemplative approach, rather than just trying to be a nerd news firehose. None of us are journalists, we’re just ordinary folks, so we shouldn’t pretend we’re “covering” … Read the rest

19 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: VTuber

Morning Coffee Blog Logo

So, about those Frankie Play streams…

As mentioned on yesterday’s blog, the Frankie Play streams tend to be our least-viewed content, and that’s why I’m having a re-think about them and moving them down the priority list. However yesterday on … Read the rest

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