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30 Aug

TWIS — Dark Crystal


There’s a new Dark Crystal series on Netflix! You may not have heard about it…

28 Jun

TWIS — Aimee Knight


This week Jellyroll highlights a wonderful article by culture writer Aimee Knight. Link below!

Aimee Knight Twitter:
Big Henson Energy:

29 May

TWIS: Hijabi Girl


This week we shout-out the great project by Larrikin Puppets to make the children’s book Hijabi Girl into a puppet musical! With your help they can make their goal!

Hijabi Girl Crowdfund:
Larrikin Puppets:
Larrikin Puppets Facebook: … Read the rest

10 May

TWIS — 100 Sub Live Stream!


We hit the 100 sub milestone! As a thank you to our amazing friends and family, we’re going to do a special live stream!

Date will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

25 Apr

TWIS — Pubbets!


Who doesn’t love puppets? Frankie tells us about a great project to make affordable high quality puppets, and introduce a new cast member!

Pubbets Website:
Pubbets Facebook:
Pubbets Instagram:
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11 Apr

TWIS — D Fine Us


This week Jellyroll highlights a great modern Blues act, D Fine Us. Links below:

D Fine Us channel:–0wyb5q6CK9UKI0D9NgA

D Fine Us website:

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22 Mar

TWIS — AbleGamers


The Oracle joins us to talk about the AbleGamers charity, one of our favorite charitable orgs. Do some good and support them any way you can! #SoEveryoneCanGame

Steve Spohn’s Twitch:

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8 Mar

New Show! Coming Soon!


The gang is happy to announce a new vlog show coming soon. This Week In Stuff will be about cool… stuff!

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