5 Sep

Frankie Play: Atari Adventure(s)


Frankie Play has started up again on our Twitch channel! Here’s the archive of a Very Special Episode where Frankie gets to grips with Atari Adventure 1 and 2. Surprisingly exciting! Frankie vTuber art by Justin Piatt of Uzzyworks: … Read the rest

5 Sep

The Oracle Season 2 Ep 2 — Muffin


A magical storm interrupts the show. What’s the worst that could happen?

26 May

The Oracle Season 1.5 Ep 3 — Masks


And now a public service announcement from The Oracle.

28 Apr

Oracle S1.5 E01 — Oops!


He’s back! Or is he? Find out the completely planned exciting conclusion of The Oracle’s trip through the video game portal!

23 Mar

The Social Distancing Blues


We like to think that a sense of humor can help us through tough times. With that in mind we present our very first music video, The Social Distancing Blues starring Jellyroll. Stay safe and healthy y’all. We’ll get … Read the rest

20 Dec

The Oracle Ep 24 — Return of the Goblin


It’s a wrap on Season 1 with the dramatic finale. Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the past year! We’re taking a short break but be sure to join the Twitch channel for Frankie Play and … Read the rest

6 Dec

The Oracle Ep 23 — Final Fantasy


Find out The Oracle’s favorite Final Fantasy game! Kinda!

4 Oct

Frankie Play: Super Mario Maker 2


You liked it so we’re doing it again! Join Frankie and his slick new avatar as we search for Super Mario Maker levels that Frankie actually likes. Shout-out to Jason Tocewicz who did the caricature for Frankie’s new avatar. … Read the rest

27 Sep

The Oracle Ep 18 — Ghostbusters


James from Thailand wants to know about the new Ghostbusters. Frankie wants to know why everything is working correctly.

20 Sep

Birthday Vlog — The Fraggle Story


The day after this video releases is my birthday, so here’s a (hopefully) sweet personal story about my youthful exploits in puppetry. Bonus Greeblee at the end.

6 Sep

The Oracle Ep 17 — Phone Home?


What has been happening in the video game world since The Oracle left? ?

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Unholy Knight Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By … Read the rest

30 Aug

TWIS — Dark Crystal


There’s a new Dark Crystal series on Netflix! You may not have heard about it…

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