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5 Sep

Frankie Play: Atari Adventure(s)


Frankie Play has started up again on our Twitch channel! Here’s the archive of a Very Special Episode where Frankie gets to grips with Atari Adventure 1 and 2. Surprisingly exciting! Frankie vTuber art by Justin Piatt of Uzzyworks: … Read the rest

5 Sep

The Oracle Season 2 Ep 2 — Muffin


A magical storm interrupts the show. What’s the worst that could happen?

26 May

The Oracle Season 1.5 Ep 3 — Masks


And now a public service announcement from The Oracle.

28 Apr

Oracle S1.5 E01 — Oops!


He’s back! Or is he? Find out the completely planned exciting conclusion of The Oracle’s trip through the video game portal!

20 Dec

The Oracle Ep 24 — Return of the Goblin


It’s a wrap on Season 1 with the dramatic finale. Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the past year! We’re taking a short break but be sure to join the Twitch channel for Frankie Play and … Read the rest

6 Dec

The Oracle Ep 23 — Final Fantasy


Find out The Oracle’s favorite Final Fantasy game! Kinda!

4 Oct

Frankie Play: Super Mario Maker 2


You liked it so we’re doing it again! Join Frankie and his slick new avatar as we search for Super Mario Maker levels that Frankie actually likes. Shout-out to Jason Tocewicz who did the caricature for Frankie’s new avatar. … Read the rest

27 Sep

The Oracle Ep 18 — Ghostbusters


James from Thailand wants to know about the new Ghostbusters. Frankie wants to know why everything is working correctly.

20 Sep

Birthday Vlog — The Fraggle Story


The day after this video releases is my birthday, so here’s a (hopefully) sweet personal story about my youthful exploits in puppetry. Bonus Greeblee at the end.

6 Sep

The Oracle Ep 17 — Phone Home?


What has been happening in the video game world since The Oracle left? ?

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Unholy Knight Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By … Read the rest

30 Aug

TWIS — Dark Crystal


There’s a new Dark Crystal series on Netflix! You may not have heard about it…

16 Aug

The Oracle Ep 16 — Rebranding


If you love branding then you’ll extra love re-branding!

You can find out more about our special guest here:

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