Morning Coffee Blog: Monday… Grab Bag?

Monday is the new Friday. Or something.

Bit of an odd Monday here as it’s a holiday, so the mental rails I usually run on have been interrupted. So, in no particular order, a loose and unrelated collection of things at the forefront of my brain:

– The Frankie Play streams are returning today! We haven’t done these since before last Christmas, so it’ll be fun to get back in the saddle. If you’re new, Frankie is one of the characters on my YouTube puppet series The Oracle.  He streams video games sometimes with the Pixels and Puppets gang using a vTuber avatar, because for some reason he’s insistent that not all vTubers are Anime catgirls. 2pm ET on Twitch and YouTube.

– I have a thing that will occupy a lot of Friday so with today being a holiday I really only have three days for building this week, so I’ve had to adjust my build plans. This week will be two Smols instead of the furry arm rod monster I’d planned, and the furry monster will get moved to next week. As always the build stream is on Wednesday at 11am ET on Twitch and YouTube.

– The Neverwinter Nights server is getting closer to a testing release, just want to polish up a couple of things. It’ll be a small sample of the full thing just to stress test the core structure and bug hunt, but if you’re interested jump on in to the channel on the Discord. I’ll eventually be putting up a little micro-site for it with all the details.

Hope you’ll join us for all or some of the various linked things! Now, just cuz it’s a holiday Monday doesn’t mean I have a holiday from working out so I should get on the exercise bike so I can start the day. After coffee.

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