Morning Coffee Blog: On-air Talent

Really fun build stream yesterday, happy to see regulars and fellow builders turning up. Plenty of fun shop talk and tips, I certainly learned some great stuff.

I’ve noticed lately that between the podcast and streams, I’m becoming more relaxed and comfortable being on camera. I know I don’t necessarily project it, but like a lot of folks in the puppetry world, I’m somewhat of an introvert. The reason I don’t necessarily project that is all down to practice.

I’m still not sure why I got it into my head to ever start streaming in the first place, other than I’ve always known I wanted to be in the Entertainment media field. I think I saw others that were engaging and funny and just wondered if I could do it? Just like everything else I do, the only way to learn is by doing, and making mistakes.

Being relaxed and chatting away while on stream is not an intuitive thing, at least for me. There’s a reason I much prefer scripted work to improv, as I’m not a natural improviser. It takes practice and is definitely an entire range of skills that develop over time. Really it’s only in the past month or so I feel like I’ve finally hit a level of comfort with it that is the place I hoped to be. It took years to get to that point.

The most important factor, of course, is that now I have regular folks who watch. That’s the key. Like I’ve always said, I’m perfectly happy with a small audience, just so long as there isn’t no audience. And it helps that this community is, by & large, kind, funny, helpful and patient. It’s really just another form of socializing, and that’s how I want it to feel. 

So thanks, everyone. I do work hard to make this a nice place people want to be, and it’s rewarding to see that working as intended.

And now the intention is, that’s right, coffee.

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