Feb 2024: Puppdate!

We did it! We’re well into another year and everything is great! Provided you don’t look at the news or work in tech or are a journalist or…

Um. Anyway. Puppets.

There actually is some good news on the O:P front! You may have noticed that things on my socials have been quieter than usual. That usually means I’m super busy with something, and this is still the case. As we talked about in the most recent (at time of writing) episode of Pixels and Puppets, February has been largely filled with dentistry, occasionally interrupted by puppets. However as we’re closing out the month that’s getting a little easier, and it’s all good stuff.

First good thing: The Operation: Puppet Hall of Fame! As suggested on the Discord (join the Discord) I’m going to be adding a new section to this website, and it will feature… YOU!

I’ll be posting a full video about this soon but bascially if you’ve ever got a puppet from me and use it in any public-facing production (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, anything), I want to know about it and link to it. Quite often I have no idea how folks are using the critters they get from O:P, and more than once I’ve had someone ask “is this one of yours?” and link to something I’ve never seen before.

Part of what I want O:P to do is bring folks together, so this would be a good way of amplifying both my work, and the work of other puppet folk.

So get in touch! I’ll be reaching out to everyone I can think of but I’m sure to miss a lot. If you use an O:P build in your thing, big or small, I want to know about it. Send me your link, even a screenshot/logo/promo art, and a 1 sentence summary. I don’t yet know how it’ll be organized as that will depend on the response, but I want to give everyone a chance in the spotlight.

Second good thing: Kevin’ busy. With puppets this time! I can’t give details yet and it’s still early days, but it looks like I’ll be making some puppets for a popular and noteworthy YouTube channel. It’s an exciting project that I’m very happy to be a part of, and means that throughout March my head will be deep in the Puppet Mines. As the project is under wraps for now this does unfortunately mean the build streams are still on pause, but they will return once I get done all this work.

As usual I’ll post anything and everything I can on socials, so keep watching, keep in touch, and we’ll forge ahead through whatever this year can throw at us.

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