Morning Coffee Blog: Patterns

Generally speaking I try to keep these blogs on an upbeat tone, but today we’re going to talk about a little something that, as the kids say, “really grinds my gears”. In the end I hope it will provide insight.… Read the rest

Morning Coffee Blog: Community

Morning Coffee Blog logo

We tend to throw around the word ‘community’ pretty loosely, but I’ve always tried to make O:P (and its’ predecessors) a place where folks can gather and feel welcome, which is at least in the right direction of a ‘community’. … Read the rest

Morning Coffee Blog: Ogres

Morning Coffee Blog logo

Ah Monday, we meet again.

Every week I plan out the builds I’m going to do, and this can be a delicate process. One reason I focus on building for the shop instead of custom commissions is I can prototype … Read the rest

Morning Coffee Blog: Projects

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Once a collector, always a collector. It’s a common nerd trope that I am vulnerable to, but thus far have been able to resist. I don’t have a complete or even large collection of anything, but not for lack … Read the rest

Morning Coffee Blog: Productivity

Nothing teaches self discipline better than owning your own business.

I’ve always been a light sleeper, and yesterday was a particularly good day in terms of getting stuff done. Which means, inevitably, that my brain is chattering away and that … Read the rest

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