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Morning Coffee Blog: Phase II

Yep, still here! In fact, more here than ever.

As I talked about on Ep 11 of the Pixels and Puppets podcast, thanks to many shenanigans and shady dealings from the ever-increasingly awful Etsy, it’s come time to enter … Read the rest

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11 Mar

Pixels and Puppets Ep 5

The Dark Patterns, Eh? Cast.

10 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Noot

Well, I’ve done something I’ve never done before. I’ve pulled a puppet from the shop and decided to keep it for myself.

As I mentioned on a recent blog, I don’t worry too much about sales-per-month because so far, … Read the rest

9 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Discord

Another fun build stream yesterday (Wednesdays 11am ET on Twitch and YouTube). Really pleased with the solid core of regulars and new folks coming on board.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past month or so that may not … Read the rest

8 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Influences – Don Sahlin

I know there are some folks in the puppet space that wish we could move past the whole Henson thing, and who feel the paradigm and role of puppetry stuck in the Muppet model. I absolutely agree that puppetry is … Read the rest

7 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Normal is Weird

    Had some tricky dental work yesterday that has left bits of my head feeling somewhat broken, so I’m not anticipating a hugely productive day.

    Like many dentists mine has monitors mounted so the patients can watch whatever they like on … Read the rest

    6 Mar

    Morning Coffee Blog: Puppet Power

    I try to not repeat myself on this blog too much, but it’s been running long enough now that it’s bound to happen, and some things bear repeating regardless.

    Watched the new episode of The Mandalorian last night (no spoilers) … Read the rest

    3 Mar

    Morning Coffee Blog: Friday Grab Bag

    Time to reach into the slightly suspicious bag that is Friday and pull random things out to subject them to the cold harsh light of blogging.

    – A lot of the eye blanks I normally use have been sourced, until … Read the rest

    2 Mar

    Morning Coffee Blog: Weirdos

    Really fun and well-attended build stream yesterday (Wednesdays 11am ET on Twitch and YouTube) which has, unfortunately, put my brain in Numbers mode.

    As I’ve mentioned before, going into 2023 I anticipated that this was going to be a … Read the rest

    1 Mar

    Morning Coffee Blog: Lousy Smarch Weather

    It’s Build Stream day! (Wednesdays 11am ET on Twitch and YouTube). Should be a fun one, if a bit… messy. You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

    It’s also a new month which means that most fun … Read the rest

    28 Feb

    Morning Coffee Blog: Hullo Everybuddy!

    In The Puppet Pit section of the most recent podcast I talked about the plans for this week’s builds, and how I was just going to tinker with a head shape I’ve been trying to dial in for a little … Read the rest

    27 Feb

    Morning Coffee Blog: Website Plans

    Monday, we meet again. Oddly enough I don’t dread Mondays. I enjoy my work, so the Garfield meme has no power here.

    As discussed on the shiny brand-new episode of Pixels and Puppets podcast, I’m in the process of setting … Read the rest

    26 Feb

    Pixels and Puppets Ep 4

    Shoutout Scarlet

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