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Morning Coffee Blog: Phase II

Yep, still here! In fact, more here than ever.

As I talked about on Ep 11 of the Pixels and Puppets podcast, thanks to many shenanigans and shady dealings from the ever-increasingly awful Etsy, it’s come time to enter … Read the rest

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29 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Wednesday, huh?

Consider this one a follow-up to the recent episode of Pixels and Puppets, with, as usual, a higher pixel:puppet ratio.

It’s build stream day! (11am ET  Wednesdays on Twitch and YouTube) As planned there is a new Neef … Read the rest

28 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Being the Kermit

If you’ve listened to Episode Zero of Pixels and Puppets, you probably know that I’ve wanted to be in some form of entertainment media production ever since I was a kid. After you’d stopped laughing because of the hilarious … Read the rest

26 Mar

Pixels and Puppets Ep 6

The Neefcast

24 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Neef Grab Bag


After almost a week of decent sleep and good productivity the Insomnia Monster finally found me again last night so let’s see what croutons of wisdom we can mine from today’s word salad.

– Today’s logo is your first … Read the rest

23 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Plans

The eyes have it

Another fun stream yesterday, leaving me quite enthusiastic about the current build. Lil’ preview in today’s logo.

What’s funny is the thing I’m exited about is this build is something a bit new from the shop. … Read the rest

22 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Intense

It’s Wednesday, right? Pretty sure. So far it’s been a very intense week. Not necessarily bad, some quite good, but all quite intense. At my age I can only stand a certain degree of intense before I must return to … Read the rest

21 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Happy World Puppetry Day!

Frankie sits in on a special video Coffee Blog to wish everyone a happy World Puppetry Day!

17 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Friday Grab Bag

Time to descend into the crystal waters of Friday and delight at the random fish that playfully dart about the reef of the almost-weekend.

Note from Frankie: workshop that metaphor some more, kid.

– Despite what I can only assume … Read the rest

16 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Smol


This is one of those topics I’ve spoken about quite a bit, but this blog is useful for getting things down in a format that can be easily referred to. Regular live stream viewers (or podcast listeners) will … Read the rest

15 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Community

Two Gus-themed logos in a row huh? That can’t be good.

Had an interesting experience on the O:P Discord yesterday that was very instructive and illuminating. Those who know me know how opposed I am to NFTs and other such … Read the rest

14 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: FAQ


There’s a running gag on the Operation: Puppet Discord (join the Discord) where I think of something I’d like to do, and then “add it to the infinite to-do list”. I have … Read the rest

13 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: DST Edition

First off, the new episode of the podcast is out, give it a listen! There’s free stuff!

Let’s see, weird sleep, low level disorientation, messed up dreams? Yep, that’s daylight savings time. Let’s get the brain in gear.

The week … Read the rest

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