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Morning Coffee Blog: Phase II

Yep, still here! In fact, more here than ever.

As I talked about on Ep 11 of the Pixels and Puppets podcast, thanks to many shenanigans and shady dealings from the ever-increasingly awful Etsy, it’s come time to enter … Read the rest

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16 May

Pixels and Puppets Ep 9

The Tendocast

29 Apr

Pixels and Puppets Ep 8

The Gothamcast

27 Apr

Morning Coffee Blog: 700

Over 3 years ago (thanks for the super accurate date system, Google), Jamie, Andrew and version 1 of The Oracle did our very first live stream. The occasion? To celebrate the YouTube channel hitting 100 subscribers.

Yesterday Scarlet pointed … Read the rest

24 Apr

Morning Coffee Blog: Jim’s Bench

Back from a lovely four days in New York City. Still not quite ready to shift into work mode, so taking a day to recalibrate the brain cells.

Just before the trip, Leia on the Discord server (shoutout Leia, also … Read the rest

17 Apr

Morning Coffee Blog: O:P Takes Manhattan

Operation: Puppet started formally in 2018, an evolution of the previous Operation: P.U.G. (for the deep history, listen to Episode Zero of the Podcast), and the shop launched in February of 2019. In November of that year my wife … Read the rest

15 Apr

Pixels and Puppets Ep 7

The Deck Nook

10 Apr

Morning Coffee Blog: Work Work

Going to be a busy week around the puppet mines this week. Next week is extra short as I’m off on my first actual vacation since 2019, so I’m trying to do as much building this week as possible.

There’s … Read the rest

6 Apr

Morning Coffee Blog: Happy Accidents

Happy Little Puppets

Really fun stream yesterday. We started on the Smally, a free pattern now available from The Creature Works Studio. Tom Stewart, the principal behind Creature Works, is a long -established pro builder and has dropped by … Read the rest

3 Apr

Morning Coffee Blog: April, fools

April is going to be a weird month here in the puppet mines. Weirder than usual, that is. I’m actually going to be on vacation for part of it (first actual vacation since 2019) and with various long weekends and … Read the rest

31 Mar

The Oracle S02E08 — Nigel’s… Back?

Remember Nigel? Frankie didn’t.

31 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Performance 

Sarah Berman and Millie the Possum, built by O:P. Photo by

See? Told you there would still be blogs. 

There’s been a fair amount of discussion lately on the Operation: Puppet Discord server (join the Discord) about … Read the rest

30 Mar

Morning Coffee Blog: Daily-ish Edition

The blog has been a part of the site from day 1. Before that, even, as the first post was actually a transfer from the old Operation: P.U.G. site, promoting The Oracle as coming soon and directing people to the … Read the rest

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