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Morning Coffee Blog: Phase II

Yep, still here! In fact, more here than ever.

As I talked about on Ep 11 of the Pixels and Puppets podcast, thanks to many shenanigans and shady dealings from the ever-increasingly awful Etsy, it’s come time to enter … Read the rest

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24 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Friday Grab Bag

Purple Greeblee Time

It’s Friday, you know what that means. Miscellanea!

– Despite a largely lousy week I think I’m starting to turn things around. The various tech issues plaguing the puppet mines have, in theory, been tamed or at … Read the rest

23 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Fighting Back

If you’ve been on the Discord (join the Discord) you know that I’ve been having a bit of a week. Tons of little things have been building up to amount to one big lump of No Fun, and … Read the rest

22 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Hard Times

Part of the philosophy of Operation: Puppet is things can be more friendly and personal. I try to be open and transparent about what going on with me and the shop, etc, and that’s not always great news. Having a … Read the rest

21 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Fat Tuesday

Those of you who’ve been following Operation: Puppet for a while have probably been unable to escape me talking about how much I love New Orleans. Despite being a pasty Canadian dude, the music, culture and people of NOLA call … Read the rest

20 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Monday… Grab Bag?

Monday is the new Friday. Or something.

Bit of an odd Monday here as it’s a holiday, so the mental rails I usually run on have been interrupted. So, in no particular order, a loose and unrelated collection of things … Read the rest

17 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Friday Grab Bag

I have been reliably informed that it’s a long weekend here in Ontario as Monday is a stat holiday. Working for myself from home I do tend to lose track of these things.

Long weekends can get a bit weird … Read the rest

16 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: On-air Talent

Really fun build stream yesterday, happy to see regulars and fellow builders turning up. Plenty of fun shop talk and tips, I certainly learned some great stuff.

I’ve noticed lately that between the podcast and streams, I’m becoming more … Read the rest

15 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Shortcomings

Recently I had a request that got me reflecting on my working methodology and revealed something of a shortcoming in my puppet building process.

When I decided to start the shop, I established a few fundamental parameters, the most important … Read the rest

14 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: 20 Minutes Into The Future

As we talked about on the recent Pixels and Puppets episode, the current PC hardware ecosystem has me rethinking my approach to upgrade cycles. I’ve always been a tinkerer and enjoy the building process so I naturally fell into … Read the rest

13 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Work Ethic

Being an older person, I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. I’ve been a fast-food worker, retail sales, a bar busser in a Goth club, and a succession of various web design and development positions. Some were fine, … Read the rest

12 Feb

Pixels and Puppets Ep 3

No Such Thing as an AI Puppet Builder. Yet.

10 Feb

Morning Coffee Blog: Friday Grab-bag

A busy week leading into a busy weekend has my brain in “chicken in a wind-storm” mode. Hard to pick just one topic for this morning. Why choose?

Puppet stuff: A Goblin and one Greeblee done, which is a little … Read the rest

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