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The Oracle S02E04 — Discord

Did you know we have a Discord? That’s cuz we didn’t! Until now! Join the Discord!

Why puppets?

Just a couple of weirdos

First off let me thank everyone. The direct shop is motoring along, the live streams always get a healthy number of viewers, and generally all is well in The Puppet Mines.

The other day on … Read the rest

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20 Dec

The Oracle Ep 24 — Return of the Goblin

It’s a wrap on Season 1 with the dramatic finale. Thank you to everyone who has joined us over the past year! We’re taking a short break but be sure to join the Twitch channel for Frankie Play and … Read the rest

19 Dec

COPPA update, Snoof Giveaway, End of Season 1

Good news everyone! Quick update to the previous vlog!

16 Dec

Year End Vlog

2019 is almost done so it’s time for a review of the wonderful year we’ve had, plus info on the coming COPPA changes and where we go from here.

6 Dec

The Oracle Ep 23 — Final Fantasy

Find out The Oracle’s favorite Final Fantasy game! Kinda!

25 Nov

The Oracle Ep 22 – EXPLAINED!

Everyone loves explainer videos!

8 Nov

The Oracle Ep 21 — Zoomer

Enjoy the most ambitious crossover event in history! Zoomer Bizzaro helps soothe some office troubles!

Very special thanks to Zoomer! Check out his kid’s YouTube channel here:

2 Nov

Frankie Play Live — Luigi’s Mansion 3

We did it! The Halloween special Frankie Play Live was lots of fun, and here is the archive if you couldn’t join us live.

25 Oct

The Oracle Ep 20 — Halloween

It’s Halloween! Are you as excited as Frankie?

11 Oct

The Oracle Ep 19 — Snoofs!

We’ve been invaded by Snoofs! Therefore we’re giving Snoofs away! Help us get to 200 subscribers and 4 viewers will win their own hand-crafted local sourced artisan Snoof!

4 Oct

Frankie Play: Super Mario Maker 2

You liked it so we’re doing it again! Join Frankie and his slick new avatar as we search for Super Mario Maker levels that Frankie actually likes. Shout-out to Jason Tocewicz who did the caricature for Frankie’s new avatar. … Read the rest

27 Sep

The Oracle Ep 18 — Ghostbusters

James from Thailand wants to know about the new Ghostbusters. Frankie wants to know why everything is working correctly.

20 Sep

Birthday Vlog — The Fraggle Story

The day after this video releases is my birthday, so here’s a (hopefully) sweet personal story about my youthful exploits in puppetry. Bonus Greeblee at the end.

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