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Morning Coffee Blog: Phase II

Yep, still here! In fact, more here than ever.

As I talked about on Ep 11 of the Pixels and Puppets podcast, thanks to many shenanigans and shady dealings from the ever-increasingly awful Etsy, it’s come time to enter … Read the rest

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10 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Productivity

Nothing teaches self discipline better than owning your own business.

I’ve always been a light sleeper, and yesterday was a particularly good day in terms of getting stuff done. Which means, inevitably, that my brain is chattering away and that … Read the rest

9 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: No Witty Title

Morning coffee logo

That was quite a whirlwind weekend. The recording of Episode 1 of Pixels and Puppets went well with only minor hiccups, which is pretty remarkable since it’s been so long since any of us has done that. A real “getting … Read the rest

8 Jan

Pixels and Puppets Ep 1

We did it!

7 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Podcast Day

Morning coffee logo

Big day here in the Puppet Cave. This evening we record Episode 1 of the O:P podcast, Pixels and Puppets (Ep 0 is already out if you’d like the origin story). This will be the first time in years since … Read the rest

6 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Lurgy

Morning coffee logo with the cast of The Goon Show
The Goons

Over the past couple of days I’ve read the words “caught the lurgy” to describe catching either the flu or Covid. It pinged in my brain because I knew the word “lurgy” from a skit by the classic … Read the rest

5 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: RE20

Morning Coffee logo with Stevie Wonder using an RE20 microphone
Stevie Wonder with an RE20 in 1973

I fully confess to having a bit of gear lust when it comes to my media setups. Considering my small audience I’ve spent way more on gear than a lot of other creators … Read the rest

4 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: Stream Day

Morning coffee logo

It occurs to me that doing one of these every day means the “all posts” body of the website is going to fill up with pictures of the Morning Coffee logo pretty quick. Must think of something to handle that. … Read the rest

3 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog: WWJD?

Morning coffee logo

If the coffee is still brewing does this count as a morning coffee blog? Hmm.

When I jumped head first into the puppet building world, I had never run my own business before, and definitely do *not* have a head … Read the rest

2 Jan

Morning Coffee Blog

Morning coffee logo
Good morning

Hello 2023!

If there’s one lesson to take away from the descent of Twitter into one billionaire man-child’s personal hate speech platform, it’s that ordinary people need to take more charge of their online lives. The rise of … Read the rest

27 Nov

The Oracle S02E06 — Understudy

The Oracle seems a bit sensitive about this…

17 Nov

Fraggle Follow-Up

You won’t believe what happens next!

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